DIY tassel drink stirrers

Hi, friends! Long time no post -- this fall has been INSANE & now it's almost the holidays, so life isn't slowing down anytime soon! In the rush to travel for Thanksgiving, get all those Black Friday deals, & decorate for Christmas, I'm trying to make time for myself to relax, unwind, & focus on the important things during the season! One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is get creative, whether I'm making handmade Christmas cards, baking cookies & crisps, or crafting homemade decorations for my apartment.

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my favorite Charleston date night ideas

All right, y’all -- I’ve focused on Charleston bachelorette weekends in my last few posts, as well as Charleston girls’ weekends, which is great and all, but I think we need a change of pace! So tonight, it’s all about the couples. I've compiled a list of a few of our favorite Charleston date night ideas – if you’ve got a night out coming up, shake it up with one of these Charleston activities! Have an idea we missed? Let us know in the comments or on Instagram!

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katie's pink & glitter-y charleston bachelorette!

Happy Labor Day, y'all! 

I'm super excited because today we're featuring one of our very first bachelorette parties that we hosted in Charleston! Katie Love (of Katie Love Social - check her out on Instagram!) traveled to Charleston earlier this August to celebrate her last fling before the ring, and Kay & Co was so happy to provide our signature Charleston Welcome Package for her and nine other lovely ladies! I'm amped to share what we did for Katie with y'all -- read on to learn more about our Charleston Welcome, as well as see how Katie & her girls took full advantage of their weekend in Charleston! 

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three ideas to make your wedding weekend absolutely flawless

Charleston, South Carolina has recently become such a popular wedding destination that it’s second only to Vegas in number of weddings hosted per year. Makes sense – we’ve got beaches if you want to get married ocean-side, plantations & historic homes that create a beautiful backdrop for any ceremony, and some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Plus, tons to do for you, your wedding party, & your guests! What more could you ask for?

It can be overwhelming to plan a destination wedding – whether or not you live in the city where you're getting married, you’ve got to deal with all the logistics of wedding planning, plus you’ve got a whole mess of people flying in from all over the country! 

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my top three tricks for staying healthy as a #girlboss

Side-hustler, weekend warrior, momboss – whatever we choose to call ourselves, we’re freakin’ busy making our dreams come true! For me, working full-time as a nanny to some adorable, but picky, littles makes it really hard for me to eat healthy sometimes – when I’m already whipping up plates of macaroni and cheese with a side of pizza, where do I find the time to make myself a good lunch, too? On top of being surrounded by delicious, unhealthy snacks all day, add starting my own business and blog by night – I spend a lot of time at coffee shops, neglecting my water intake and choosing between various muffins and pastries to get me by while I work.  I’ve definitely neglected my body in the last few months – skimping on workouts, eating whatever’s easiest rather than what is actually good for me, and slacking on water.

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creative & thoughtful gift ideas for your bridesmaids or besties: part one

Maybe you’re newly engaged & need to ask your besties to join your bride tribe -- or maybe you’re looking for ideas to say thanks to your girls for standing by your side while you say “I do.” Or maybe you’re a maid of honor who’s been put in charge of bachelorette weekend favors! Whatever the case, we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves for great gifts – creative, thoughtful, and adorable gifts for your girls that they’ll appreciate & love for the bach weekend, wedding weekend, and weekends to come.

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four tips for your perfect destination bachelorette or girls' weekend

Whether you’re a maid of honor planning your bestie’s bachelorette or received the dubious honor of organizing the girls’ weekend away that your friends want to take – getting a big group somewhere for a destination weekend can be tough! We’ve compiled four ideas to make your weekend away as smooth as possible and fun for the whole group!

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A special Charleston day for a sweet birthday girl

Y’all, it’s better late than never on this one – for two weeks now, I’ve been trying to get around to posting about the girls’ day that Kay & Co did for the sweetest birthday girl, Mara, near the end of May.

Mara asked me in April to plan a girls’ day out for her and a few friends; I was, of course, happy to oblige and got started making plans right away. Mara knew she wanted to do something outdoorsy, and she also wanted to do a flower crown class -– I took it from there to orchestrate the perfect celebratory day for Mara and her girls.

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Charleston brunch favorites: Park Café

I’ve lived in Charleston for three years now and just recently experienced Park Cafe. What a mistake not going there sooner. A local favorite, The Park Café is a little off-the-beaten-path for tourists staying on the Lower Peninsula or in Mt. Pleasant, which adds to its charm and makes it all the more appealing to people looking to experience Charleston the way the locals do.

I visited Park Café with a group of Charleston girlbosses in early March as part of a branding session that we were doing for my new business. At the time, I was just getting started as a small business owner and had heard that it was crazy important to have a branding session early on in your business.

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Charleston brunch favorites: Five Loaves Café

Full disclosure: I have been to Five Loaves Café twice in the last week. Saturday morning I woke up craving an acai bowl (this is how I wake up every day), so I went to the Five Loaves Juice Bar on Cannon Street, got an acai bowl for myself and a sandwich for boyfran, and brought him lunch at work (good girlfriend, right here).

The next day, I went to the Mt. Pleasant Five Loaves for Mother’s Day brunch with boyfran’s mom. Side note: he wasn’t even with us! See what I mean about being an amazing girlfriend?

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girlboss life: my venture into blogging

I originally wrote this post for Instagram; when I sat back to proofread, I realized it was better off as a blog post - because realistically, who's on Instagram to read my long-af captions? Probably no one. But long captions are literally blog posts, so, here we are. Side note: this is a completely random post. It has nothing to do with anything, but is something that I’ve been thinking about lately and felt like it was important to share.

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four things not to miss while staying on Kiawah Island

So some of you may know that a few weeks ago, I took a little staycation with my parents while they were in town from Michigan. As staycations go, I didn't travel very far -- just to Kiawah Island, about a 45-minute drive south of Charleston. We had the best time just taking it easy, not making plans, and seeing where the days took us -- which is what vacation is all about, in my opinion. I've made a little list of the things that I particularly enjoyed while staying on the island, but it's by no means exhaustive -- we were only there for five days and there's lots more to see! Check out what I enjoyed, though, and have the best time on whatever type of vacation you're planning to the Charleston area! Side note: in an effort to "be more present," which is apparently a thing I say now, I didn't take a lot of pictures while we were on the island. Sorry 'bout it.

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