Hi! I'm Randi, founder of Kay & Co.

I'm also the travel planner for our Charleston, writer on the blog, bubbly bar creator at CHS Bubbly Bar, and editor of the website. So.. everything.

Kay & Co is a boutique travel planning company that crafts thoughtful, creative getaways for bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, & the occasional girls' weekend, too!

I've always loved to travel, & dreamed of the day that I would be able to work for myself doing something involving travel. I moved to Charleston, South Carolina after college & got involved with wedding planning, so it only made sense that I would combine my love of travel, my creativity & organization skills, & knowledge of event planning into my own company someday. Kay & Co began in January 2017 with a little idea to help out a busy maid-of-honor who wanted to make her best friend's bachelorette weekend special but didn't have the time, and since then, my ideas have evolved & turned into what you see today.

I've spent the past year designing this website, brainstorming collaborations, learning about boring things like LLCs & taxes, and best of all, creating the perfect party boxes & decor plans to make every party absolutely perfect. I'm passionate about this little business of mine & hope that you will consider booking your bachelorette weekend with us! I believe that our focus on local businesses & off-the-beaten-path travel is what makes us so special -- & I can't wait to make your weekend absolutely perfect, as well as completely stress-free.

I've got big dreams for Kay & Co, too; I hope one day we can be a source of inspiration for all things bach + wedding weekend + travel + parties! Stay tuned for all the big things we're about to do, and of course, feel free to reach out if you have an idea for us, want to collaborate, or just want to say hi! 



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