rosé & partaaay

Hi guys! Happy Friday!

Just wrapped up a #roséandflatlays product photo session with my friend Yana of @hemming_birds (she's also my boss, lolz), & I felt inspired to write this post. At this rate, it's going to become a tradition that I have a few glasses of wine before I write a blog post. Twist my arm, gotta drink every Thursday. PS: #roséandflatlays is about to be a trend. Just wait.

I'm going to make this post quick & let y'all get on your way - I realized recently that I want to overexplain everything that I'm doing & that tends to turn into some very long Instagram & blog posts. I'm going to try to work on this for the sake of everyone who takes the time to read what I have to say.

I just wanted to mention a few things that I've currently got going on that you might've missed - the problem with Instagram, although it's my absolute favorite form of social media, is that you don't always catch every post from a business & it can end up being confusing, especially in my case when I'm just getting started & it might be hard to keep up with what I'm doing! So here goes: a list form of what's coming in the next few weeks, both with the company & with some other projects I'm working on. 

1) I want to talk about the party boxes. I am having an incredibly hard time conveying what's happening with these, & I don't know why - maybe everyone gets it & I just don't realize? Anyway, here's the deal: every group that travels to Charleston through me will get a (really cute) box full of goodies before their trip to get them excited, & not all the boxes are the same. If you're staying on the beach, for example, your box is going to have beach essentials & treats like a fun towel & pool accessories. If you're here for a relaxing weekend, your box is going to have spa staples like an eye mask & a robe. Make sense? Most (if not all) boxes will also have a t-shirt or tank in them - I promise they're so cute! I designed them myself & couldn't be more excited. Side note, if you've seen an item in our shop that you know your party needs, there's a spot in the weekend & day forms where you can tell us that, & we'll be sure to toss it in the box with your other goodies!

2) Speaking of the shop - coming as soon as next week (fingers crossed), we're going to have a small shop where party boxes will be available for purchase without taking a trip through us. The idea behind this is that even if you can't come to Charleston for a weekend away, you can get a party box for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, & other friends that you just want to gift something to, whether or not y'all are taking a trip together. The boxes will be relatively customizable, so they'll be good for a variety of uses: send them to your besties before a weekend away, send just one box to a pal who's having a rough day, give them to your bridal party at your rehearsal dinner to say, "hey, thanks for being there for me," send them to your girls or bros to ask them to be in your wedding.. the list goes on. You don't have to go around ordering a bunch of different stuff from a bunch of different shops, & we'll even send the boxes wherever they need to go. We really do make it pretty easy on you, right?

3) Finally, easiest part. The shop, when it's ready (hopefully soon!), will also feature a curated selection of party accessories & travel goodies available for individual purchase. So if you don't have a need for party/gift boxes (or you're making your own!), you can still treat yoself to some cute things. And cute t-shirts! Ah! 

4) Other projects that I'm working on: I am super excited to finally be feeling like a #girlboss & a small business owner, & although I have no idea where this business will go, it feels so good to be in this community! I'm working on a few things that aren't directly related to my company, but do affect the larger community of women - I'm not sure how to explain this yet, so I'm going to save it until next week. Sound good? Sorry for the rambling. 

I have been slowly but surely getting the party boxes & the shop ready - we have a few staple items from local shops that will be in every box, but I'm also coordinating with other small shops from around the country to be able to really personalize every party box for every group. It's so much fun picking out goodies that I think y'all would like & I'm so excited to show y'all what I've come up with!

Okay, that's it - I really did try to keep it short. In the next week or so, I'll be posting on Instagram with sneak peeks of some of our local products - so stay tuned!



PS: I may or may not be sending out a little somethin' somethin' for the release of our party boxes, individual products, & t-shirts - so sign up for the email list!