hi & welcome!

Hi, friends! I'm so, so happy you're here & interested in learning more about Kay & Co. Full disclosure: I had a few glasses of wine before sitting down to write this post. I feel like it's important to mention that, but I also feel like the post is going to be way better because of the wine so.. there's that.

Let me introduce myself: I'm Randi, & I'm the creator of this little company. I got the idea for Kay & Co in the spring of 2016 when I saw a need from some mama's that I nannied for; they wanted to take a trip & had the money, but had zero time to plan because of all the littles they had running around. I originally wanted to do full travel planning to every location for all types of people - after nine months of brainstorming how I could make this work, & still make it personalized, I honestly felt like it wasn't going to happen. Plus, there's other companies out there that are doing something like that way better than I ever could. Anyway, last December, super randomly, (or maybe not super randomly.. I don't remember, actually), I had the idea to focus on bachelors & bachelorettes in Charleston, & then expand from there. This is when it clicked for me.. I have a little background in wedding planning but knew that weekend travel planning was going to be where I could really crush it. 

Brunch_Revelator Coffee (59 of 62).jpg

What I imagined at first was planning group trips to Charleston & getting everyone excited with gift boxes before the trip, plus maybe have a little champagne waiting for them at their beach house or hotel when they arrived. As I talked to people around town, got input, built partnerships, & brainstormed my ass off.. the ideas I had grew bigger & bigger, becoming so much more than I had ever anticipated and seriously, y'all, just such an exciting concept. Everyone that I talked to was absolutely amped about what I was doing & supportive beyond what I ever could've imagined!

Side note: you guys, I cannot express enough how much more I've fallen in love with Charleston & its culture & this city over the last three months of working on this project of mine. The small business community here has this infectious energy & the level of support that I've gotten from every. single. person. that I've talked to is actually insane -- not once have I asked someone to collaborate on something & gotten a no. Everyone just assumes you're going to be successful, & it's totally acceptable to be working as a nanny while you're growing a business. I am consistently completely overwhelmed with how grateful I am for my new small business friends & the support group that I've established after only three months, and I legit cannot wait to see how this all plays out. I am absolutely 100% positive that if this business is a success, it will be due to the other Charleston creatives that put their faith into me on day one. Okay, cheesy moment's over.

So now what we're doing is this: no matter what you're coming to Charleston for, be it a bach weekend, girls' getaway, guys' getaway, or even a honeymoon/babymoon/whatever trip -- we'll hook it up for you. We'll send your whole group a box before you get here to get y'all excited for your trip, have a bar or dessert table or brunch waiting for y'all when you arrive, book whatever you want, & provide recommendations for things you might be interested in. Honestly, we'll just make sure that you're making the absolute most of your Charleston experience & seeing this amazing, incredible, beautiful city the way it deserves to be seen & not just in the way that some random tour book or Pinterest post tells you to see it. There's so much to experience here -- please, don't just go where all the other tourists go. And if you're a maid of honor or best man or some other designated planner, you don't need to be stressing -- we can do this all for you, & we promise it will make your Charleston experience 1000x better!

We'll also eventually have bachelor/bachelorette/weekend boxes available on their own -- I'm sure you've seen at the top of this page that there's a "boxes & merch" tab that does essentially nothing right now. In the next few weeks, we'll have party boxes for various occasions available for purchase on their own, plus a curated selection of the local products that we feature in case you want just a little something. Turns out getting photos of things is a process -- which is why that page isn't available quite yet. It's a step by step thing, okay?

I am beyond proud of what I've done so far with this company & I have about 8,000 more ideas for it -- I can't wait to see where this all goes, and I couldn't be more excited. Shoutout to you for reading this & for your support in what I'm doing -- I super appreciate you & can't wait for you to join in on this crazy ride! 



PS: The photo at the beginning of this post was taken by Sirena of Aneris Photos (@anerisphotos), as were most of the photos on my website. Sirena is amazing & an angel. If you're in Charleston & need photos, she is your girl. Seriously. I love her.