my favorite Charleston date night ideas

All right, y’all -- I’ve focused on Charleston bachelorette weekends in my last few posts, as well as Charleston girls’ weekends, which is great and all, but I think we need a change of pace! So tonight, it’s all about the couples. I've compiled a list of a few of our favorite Charleston date night ideas – if you’ve got a night out coming up, shake it up with one of these Charleston activities! Have an idea we missed? Let us know in the comments or on Instagram!

charleston date night ideas

Whether you’re a Charleston local, visiting for a wedding weekend, or taking a babymoon, the great thing about Charleston is how much this gorgeous city offers. From getting out on the water to historic walking tours to classes with local makers, we’ve got activities for every taste and occasion. Most of the time, I’m booking these activities for groups of guys and gals who are here for a Charleston bachelor or bachelorette party – but today, we’re going to take some time for all those couples that need a night out! Yes, dinner and a movie is great, but sometimes you want to try something new with your significant other. Luckily for you, Charleston is the perfect city to dive into a different type of date night.

So enjoy a quick dinner at one of Charleston’s best restaurants, then grab a bike taxi and pedal your way to one of these unique Charleston date night activities. What better way to enjoy your night out than by making a memory with your favorite person in the world and embracing all that Charleston has to offer? Read on for our favorite Charleston date night ideas!

(Psst: this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you book an activity through one of my links, I receive a small compensation that keeps my website & company running! That being said, all opinions are my own & I genuinely endorse everything I suggest to my readers. For my full disclosure policy regarding affiliate links & compensation, click here.)

Mix up a new candle scent at Candlefish

Well-loved by locals, and for good reason – Candlefish, located right off King Street, offers a BYOB class where you and your significant other can choose from a variety of scents from the Candlefish Library and pour your own candles. The class is taught by a member of the Candlefish staff, and you’ll get to bring home two candles that you crafted yourself from start to finish. The Candlefish Library is chock-full of amazing and diverse scents, so you’ll definitely be able to put together something you love – and who can say no to a class that lets you bring your own wine? Bonus: class participants get a little discount on everything in the store after their class, so you can stock up on locally-made gifts and stylish décor. Sign up on their website or stop by the store!

Experience the open sea with a kayak tour

Okay, maybe not totally open sea – but Shem Creek is a better (read: safer) option, in my opinion. Right over the bridge from the Charleston Peninsula, Shem Creek offers a few different kayak and paddleboard rental services, where you can either sign up for a tour with a guide, or rent by the hour to head out on your own. I personally recommend Nature’s Adventures; they have a few different kayak tour options as well as paddle board rentals, and it’s easy to book a tour online. Side note: one of the best nights I’ve had in Charleston since moving here was a few months ago, when we went down Shem Creek with a Nature’s Adventure’s tour guide and saw the sun set over the Charleston Peninsula while dolphins swam around us. Talk about hashtag magical. Click here to book a two-hour kayaking tour with Nature’s Adventures, or check out other water-related activities we love by clicking here (check “water tours” when the page pops up). And if you head out on the water for a date night, tag #partywithkayandco in your pictures so we can see, too!

Blend your own wine at The Grand Bohemian Hotel

This one seems to be flying a bit more under the radar in Charleston, and I’m not sure why, because it’s pretty much the coolest concept ever. The Grand Bohemian hotel, located on King Street, is known for its rooftop bar, which is definitely amazing – but if you hop off the elevator before reaching the rooftop, you’ll find a little bar with wine by the tap, as well as a 90-minute class that lets you taste a variety of different wines before blending your own bottle. That’s right, you get to bring home your own bottle of wine that you made yourself. I absolutely love this idea – did you ever think you could say you made your own wine? Sign up in advance on The Grand Bohemian’s website, and then text me – I’ll meet you there.

This is only three ideas – trust me when I say that Charleston has so much more, but I couldn’t cover it all in one blog post. Stay tuned for part two – and meanwhile, tell me what your favorite Charleston date night activities are -- either in the comments or on our Instagram! I’d love to hear from you!