three ideas to make your wedding weekend absolutely flawless

Planning a wedding weekend in Charleston, South Carolina (or anywhere else?!) We're here to help!

Charleston, South Carolina has recently become such a popular wedding destination that it’s second only to Vegas in number of weddings hosted per year. Makes sense – we’ve got beaches if you want to get married ocean-side, plantations & historic homes that create a beautiful backdrop for any ceremony, and some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Plus, tons to do for you, your wedding party, & your guests! What more could you ask for?

It can be overwhelming to plan a destination wedding – whether or not you live in the city where you're getting married, you’ve got to deal with all the logistics of wedding planning, plus you’ve got a whole mess of people flying in from all over the country! We totally get it – and we may or may not be party planners who specialize in all the details of wedding weekends, so we’re here to help! Read on for a few of our best ideas to make your wedding weekend absolutely perfect for you, your wedding party, and your guests.

Offer a few suggestions & ideas for your guests

While you’re certainly not responsible for keeping your guests occupied every second (you are getting married, after all!), it can get overwhelming trying to balance what your guests & family members are doing while getting yourself & your bridesmaids ready (and keeping those groomsmen busy!).  We love the idea of putting together a little guide (with help from your wedding planner or local friends) with suggestions & recommendations for what to do in Charleston. That way, when you’re busy at the rehearsal dinner or taking pictures with your wedding party, you’ll know that your guests are happily enjoying the parts of Charleston that you love the most.

Ask your wedding planner what she recommends (or we plan wedding weekends, too!), and choose a few restaurants and activities that will be easy for your family and friends to get to. And if you get a chance, take some time to relax & catch up with your guests! They’re here for you, after all, and you deserve to take some time to enjoy your wedding weekend, too! Plan a girls' day with mani-pedis and a flower crown class, or take the whole group out for a Charleston Sunset Cruise

Really take this idea over the top with wedding welcome bags – tons of companies can put these together for you, and then you can toss your recommendations and any activity suggestions right in there!

Planning a Charleston, South Carolina wedding weekend? A few of our favorite local activities include the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings, local classes like wine-blending or candle-making, and water activities like Charleston Harbor Tours or Sunset Cruises!

charleston south carolina wedding weekend

Plan a more casual group activity for the day after the wedding

You might not have gotten a lot of time to talk to all your guests at your reception, so hosting a post-wedding brunch or lunch is becoming more & more common as a more casual way for the bride & groom to connect with their guests. Bonus: Charleston is all about brunch, so this is a great way to show your guests another great part of our lovely city while enjoying some amazing Southern food.

Make sure to call ahead if you’re going to make this happen – no restaurant appreciates a huge group walking in unannounced! Get a general headcount ahead of time and see if the restaurant can set aside a room for you to relax & recount everything that happened the night before.

Want to make it happen for your wedding weekend in Charleston, South Carolina? A few places that are great with big groups and also have amazing brunch items: 39 Rue de Jean on Hutson Alley, Barsa Tapas & Lounge, and Poogan’s Porch.

Arrange to have breakfast and bubbly delivered on your wedding day

 Saying that the morning of your wedding day is busy might be an understatement – trying to get yourself ready along with your wedding party, checking in on the planner at the venue, keeping track of your family, and (maybe) recovering a little bit from the rehearsal dinner… it’s insanity. Make life a little bit easier by arranging to have a local company drop off a pre-made breakfast or a variety of local baked goods, along with a mimosa or bloody Mary bar if that’s what you’re into. Most of these companies can come to a salon or to wherever you’re staying! This saves a bridesmaid or your mom a trip to the grocery store to grab a makeshift breakfast for you and your girls – you’ll be able to relax, sip on a drink, and enjoy this time with your wedding party before the ceremony.

Another benefit of this is for the boys – they probably don’t have as much to do in the morning, so give them a little treat by arranging to have the same breakfast and bloody Mary bar delivered to them, too. You’ll know that everyone’s had something to eat before a long day, and you’ll also get to sample some local eats while you’re getting ready!

charleston south carolina wedding weekend

Psst: this service also makes a great gift! If you’re a family member looking for something unique to give the bride and groom, tell them you’ll get this set up for them – we guarantee they’ll love it.                 

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Have fun!

Every wedding professional says this, and for good reason – remember to relax, look around, and enjoy the details of your wedding weekend. It’s a huge deal, yes – but it’s for you and your new spouse to enjoy, too!

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