girlboss life: my venture into blogging

I originally wrote this post for Instagram; when I sat back to proofread, I realized it was better off as a blog post - because realistically, who's on Instagram to read my long-af captions? Probably no one. But long captions are literally blog posts, so, here we are. Side note: this is a completely random post. It has nothing to do with anything, but is something that I’ve been thinking about lately and felt like it was important to share, for myself & for anyone else that might've been having these thoughts. 

I have a giant vision for Kay & Co. Part of that vision includes a blog - not to get rich, not to give people advice on everything ever, but just a place to share ideas, be inspired, and gather as a community of #girlbosses & #sidehustlers. I’ve toyed with the idea of a blog for the company, mainly because I’ve heard it was good for SEO, but wasn’t sure at first where it would go or what the point would be – I felt like I needed a really solid plan, and almost like, “who am I to start a blog? I don’t know anything. Other people are doing this better.” I felt the same about starting a business, for a while - until I realized I had to just go for it. 

So this week, thinking about blogging, I decided I’m going to go for it. I just WANT to. So without overanalyzing, or having a strict plan, I’m going to do it, because why the hell not. I moved to Charleston because it felt right – and that’s how I feel about this company and where it’s going, and it just seems like blogging needs to be part of this. I’ve made a little list of blogging categories to focus on, and that’s where we’re starting. I’m amped about it, honestly.

That’s my announcement for the evening – it felt like something that needed to be said. Let’s all take a minute to not be scared, not feel like we “don’t have the right,” not worry about what other people are doing, and just do what feels best for our businesses and in our life. Deal? 

PS: This could all be stemming from my secret yearning to be a style blogger. Bear with me.