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wine & company

Best cheese + charcuterie plate in town. Need I say more? Probably not, but I will: the staff is also incredible & the vibe makes everyone feel welcome. We love Wine & Co for their private wine tastings, suited to your tastes — perfect for your first night in Charleston to set the mood for the weekend.

441 Meeting St, Suite B | website

things to do in charleston sc

Stars rooftop

This might be a hot take according to some locals, but I love Stars. Some of my best Charleston memories have been made on a Sunday Funday after brunch, lounging at Stars & drinking mimosas like it’s my job (which it is, because research). In the evenings, they’ve got a legit happy hour, & it gets rowdy after dark — perfect for those of you who are ready to hit it hard for your weekend of celebration.

495 King St | website