Frequently Asked Questions

Does filling out a form mean that I'm locked in? No, of course not! Once we receive your party form, we'll get back to you with more about what we can do for your bach weekend, wedding weekend, honeymoon, or other occasion. Then you just let us know if you'd like to go ahead & get started planning! 

How does it work? All parties & weekends can be booked together by the group coordinator (maid of honor, best man, or other designated planner). Just proceed to the page linked below and fill out the form to give us some details about what kind of party you want! Within 48 hours, we'll send you an email to find out any extra details & start putting together a proposal for your trip! 

Can members of my group pay separately? Yes! Collecting money from friends is such a hassle, isn't it? Once we've figured out plans for your weekend, we'll get the emails of everyone in your group & invoice them separately. 

What kinds of things will you ask us about? The form is simple: we'll ask you more specifics about the party's travel preferences so that we can book hotels, beach houses, or cottages, activities, and recommendations for your weekend. We'll also ask for a few other tidbits of information (the bride's favorite color, what the groom likes to do, if there's anything specific you want in your welcome boxes) so that we can tailor our gifts and decor to what the party is looking for. 

What happens after we book our trip? We'll get any additional details that we need from you after we receive your custom form; we'll also ask for a deposit before your booking is finalized! Then, you just sit back & relax while we handle everything -- we'll let you know if we have any questions! All you have to do is show up & party.

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