rosé & partaaay

Hi guys! Happy Friday!

Just wrapped up a #roséandflatlays product photo session with my friend Yana of @hemming_birds (she's also my boss, lolz), & I felt inspired to write this post. At this rate, it's going to become a tradition that I have a few glasses of wine before I write a blog post. Twist my arm, gotta drink every Thursday. PS: #roséandflatlays is about to be a trend. Just wait.

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hi & welcome!

Hi, friends! I'm so, so happy you're here & interested in learning more about With Love Travel Co. Full disclosure: I had a few glasses of wine before sitting down to write this post. I feel like it's important to mention that, but I also feel like the post is going to be way better because of the wine so.. there's that.

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